Minniva is a Rock / Metal vocalist
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Hello, I am Minniva...

My name is Marit "Minniva" Børresen. I was born in 1990 in Norway and I’ve been singing and creating music since I was a teenager. In 2015, I started a YouTube channel and since then, I have uploaded a cover video every Friday. I sing requests from my followers, mainly in the genre of heavy/symphonic metal (from bands like Nightwish, Epica, Sabaton, etc.). I also like to cover other material, always putting my own spin on the music and telling a story in the video recreations. I am also writing lyrics and composing my own music - when it’s time, you will hear all about it! I wish you a pleasant visit to my world - let me hear from you soon!

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Quentin Cornet, Maxim Larivière, Scott Neily, David Gjester, Renato Bernardo, Alexander Rybak, Tommy Johansson Sabaton, Garrett Peters, PelleK, Plamen Dimov, Daniel Carpenter, Angel Wolf-Black, Andrew Wrengel, Louis Viallet, Leo Peña, David Olivares, Mark Hvid, Charly Urso, Johary Narimanana, and many more !

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